NETGEAR berättar idag att de ingår ett samarbete med Ninjas in Pyjamas, och hoppas  skapa snabbare hastigheter för E-Sport och gamers.

Under många år har Netgear utvecklar routrar som siktar in sig på gamer publiken. Netgears senaste produkt linje av modelen Nighthawk siktar in sig på just gamers på flera olika sätt. Förutom snabbare trådlösa hastigheter handlar det även om design,  prestanda och funktioner såsom Dynamic QoS vilket prioriterar spel enheter på nätverket.

 ”NETGEAR has always been ahead by developing & implementing the latest networking technologies; first on 11ac, first on tri-band, and so many more. Gamers are among the most demanding users of networking equipment, so who could provide more accurate and honest feedback than one of the top eSports teams in the world?” commented Mikael Axelsson, Senior account manager at NETGEAR, and continued to explain the nature of the collaboration, ”With this partnership we are really excited to give something back to the eSports community. Ninjas in Pyjamas are under no obligation to use our gear, so when you see the ”approved by NiP” logo on a NETGEAR product, you know it´s a truthful statement coming from real pro gamers. We are extremely pleased to team up with NiP, and we sincerely hope that they will be as ruthless in their feedback as they are with their opponents.”


I am excited to work with such a team; this partnership is a true recognition of our products’ performance and establishes NETGEAR as a recognised brand in the gaming community, sa Lionel Paris, EMEA Product Marketing director.

In the high precision world of E-Sports every millisecond matters, thus making it crucial to have a high quality performing internet connection as well as network equipment that is optimized for the purpose of gaming. By teaming with NETGEAR, who are leaders in their segment of the market, we hope to contribute to the development of gamer-friendly network equipment. “More frags with less lag!”, sa Emil ”HeatoN” Christensen, Owner of NiP.