During the launch of Battlefield: Hardline we have noticed several imporant patterns. This game is not your standard war themed Battlefield™, but it still manages to keep players interested with the new custom game modes it offers. The only things that currently prevent Battlefield: Hardline from true success are a few odd design decisions that might give novice players the wrong impression of the tactics involved in gaining exp, cash and winning games. The PC version also benefits from graphical tweaking with custom configs & control settings. One thing that caused FPS drops early on was missing the DirectX redist, the installer is here.

Why do players feel infuriated during early progression and what can we do to fix this? First of all, the starting guns and the most familiar modes do not really help your reach what you need to progress and gain advantage faster. This comes down to poor Score Per Minute balance and an odd distribution of faction specific weapons. In order to counter these flaws players will have to step out of their comfort zone and bridge the gap with a launch strategy. This strategy will focus on low risk game modes that will give you cash towards the best gear. If you follow our advice you will quickly overcome the difficulty curve, dominating all modes.

Drive the Fuel Tanker or the Van with stunt driver, it’s class exp instead of vehicle exp:

The unlock system in Hardline is based on cash, which is hard to gain in certain modes. Our strategy comes down to how much gun fights actually determine our progression speed. This is where the starting weapons stumble against Digital Deluxe weapons and early access players with better gear. Games modes like TDM, Blood Money, Heist and Conquest actually require you to win gunfights in order to keep up significant score streaks. Your most effective launch strategy will instead be to play the casual friendly Hotwire mode, where players can learn new map layouts and avoid high risk gunfights. All you need is to lean out the windows of an objective flag vehicle and protect it using the Grenade Launcher and a Repair Tool. This can be played with one hand and can net you over 2000 cash per minute with the right boost. Adding the RPG trunk upgrade and the fire extinguisher countermeasure is also a good idea.

Some classes are just better in certain modes and excel when using specific exp boosts.

  • The Mechanic is best for ranking up cash in Hotwire, regardless of factions and money flow.
    In close quarters firefights they can also wreck most players with the K10 and MPX weapons.
    Mechanic friendly exp boosts: Use Objective Boosts, Gearhead or Elimination Boosts!
  • The Operator is best for keeping infantry firefight odds in your favor, with the M16 or HK416.
    They are good Hotwire drivers who can survive car wrecks with Survivalist and revive others.
    Operator friendly exp boosts: Use Objective Boosts, Elimination or Teamplay Boosts!
  • The Enforcer is best for escorting players and breaching, with resupplies, nades and shields.
    Shotguns are brutal for room defense and Battle Rifles really put out a lot of raw firepower.
    Enforcer friendly exp boosts: Teamplay Boosts and Objective Boosts for escort score!
  • The Professional is best for covering areas in Conquest, sniping towards the other objectives.
    You can cover your back with trip mines and combat most infiltrators using a G18C or TEC-9.
    Professional friendly exp boosts: Quickdraw Boosts and Assist Boosts for hard shots!

This video will explain the different methods of unlocking rare equipment and camos:

Now that we know what each class is used for, we can buy the best loadouts for them.

  • You’ll start as the Mechanic, buying a repair tool, a K10 and the RPG trunk upgrade for cars.
    If you take this class into Blood Money or Heist, you might want to equip the Armored Insert.
    Doing this will guarantee you the best cash progression CQB class as soon as possible!
  • When your Operator gets more cash, invest in Survivalist, Revive tool and AKM for criminals.
    When it comes to attachments, the Stubby Grip synergizes well with H-barrel & Muzzle Break.
    This class is pretty underwhelming if you only have the RO933, go for the M16A3 later!
  • Enforcers are easily ranked up in Heist or Blood Money. Invest in a shield or gas mask+nade.
    The best Battle Rifle is the SA-58. When you play the cop enforcer you might as well shotgun.
    The Shield will protect you from ambushes and you’ll gain awareness with gas nades!
  • Professionals can stick to the Scout Elite for a while, learning to spam the Straight Pull Bolt.
    If you want to unlock the overpowered .300 Knockout, use cameras in very populated areas.
    Laser trip mines are a must-buy and I’d suggest stealth training for aggressive sniping!

Here is a perfect video that explains how you can interpret gun stats from Symthic.com

When it comes to effective weapons I’ll show you our weapon tiers, left (best) to right:

  1. Overall Best DPS within common ranges: HK416M16A3, SA-58, K10, MPX, .300 Knockout
  2. Decent guns: AKM, P90, ACW-R, G36C, ARM, 870P, SCAR-H, HK-51, MAC-10, Scout Elite, R700
  3. Nieche guns: T62 CEW, M249, MG36, UMP-45, PTR-91, G18C, G17, Bald Eagle, .357 RS, CZ-75
  • Effective guns in CQB to Middle range: Shotguns, K10, MPX, P90, SA-58, HK416 and ACW-R
  • Effective guns at Middle to Long range: .300 Knockout, SCAR-H, M16A3, AKM & Scout Elite 
  • Guns not mentioned in this second list will probably rely more on surprise & accuracy.


Control Setup tips are always personal, but you can copy your BF4 PROFSAVE_profile. For easy reach you might also consider rebinding vehicle pose switching to SPACE, VOIP to CTRL and TapCrouch/HoldProne to ALT. I also keep toggle primary weaponmelee attack and throw grenade on my mouse buttons. If you want a nice minimap advantage you can go to Advanced Game Settings and set minimap scale to 175% and the default map zoom to 100 meters. You can also lower the HUD scale to something like 20%. Turning off the hints and tutorials might also help you avoid situations where they block your view. I’d advice you to turn off Anti-Aliasing and Ambient Occlusion for a decent FPS boost as well. If you want even smoother FPS you can put this user.cfg in your Origin Games\BFH folder. You should set GameTime.MaxVariableFps to your monitor Hz. Add FPS counter with PerfOverlay.DrawFPS 1

For our final tips and tricks, I’ll focus on the remaining game modes and singleplayer.

  • Hotwire: You can put laser tripmines on breaching charges along the roads, use survivalist!
  • Blood Money: Camp the enemy vault with an escape vehicle ready. A very succesful tactic.
  • Heist: Remember to always have someone cover the drop points, preferrably with silencers.
  • Conquest: Use tracking darts, trunk RPGs and Battle Pickups to take down the helicopters.
  • TDM: The spawns can be quite erratic, so join a squad and hold any fortified vantage point.
  • Rescue: If you interrogate an enemy you’ll see them on the map. You only need to rescue 1.
  • Crosshairs: This is a VIP mode where it is best to travel in pairs, especially with Operators.
  • Battlepacks: Do not buy them with money, you are better off using these launch strategies.
  • Singleplayer: Suppressed headshots are crucial, Taser Gun for arresting hostile warrants.
    Remember to use empty shells. Scatter enemy groups and freeze 2 of the isolated enemies.

If you want to learn more about the gadgets in Battlefield: Hardline, check this video:

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