Svenska Mionix lanserar den första smarta gaming musen! Bli allt du kan i spel och lite till. Genom att följa olika saker kan du se dina resultat för att bli lite bättre, förbättra hur du aimar och mycket mer!

Mionix VD Christoffer Suess säger –

”I 10 års tid har inget egentligen hänt med spelmöss” ”16 miljoner färginställningar hjälper inte mig och mitt lag att prestera bättre”. Kl 16.00 idag lanserar vi Quantified Gaming – den första smarta spelmusen som talar om för dig, hur din kropp reagerar när du spelar”.

Om Projektet –


We created the NAOS Quantified Gaming mouse to enable you to become a better gamer.

NAOS QG is the first mouse that provides deep insights into your gaming. Via built in sensors, the NAOS QG tracks your heart rate, galvanic skin response and actions per minute. This data appears as a transparent overlay on your screen.

Just like athletes gather and analyze data, we want to do the same for gamers. Provide you with deep insights. Enable you to understand your reactions and optimize your gaming.

Sounds awesome, right? You have no idea yet.

Gamers using the NAOS QG can even share and compare their QG stats with teammates, friends and the community. This opens a new dimension to how games are played, shared and professionally broadcasted.


NAOS QG enables you to understand your body reactions, without ever compromising on gaming performance. This is what makes it possible:

  • A cutting edge optical gaming mouse with outstanding ergonomics, highest build quality and awesome performance
  • State of the art sensors, built into the mouse
  • A Quantified Gaming software engine that brings it all together


TRACK. Always wondered why you are losing against this noob when a big stake is on the table? No longer wonder you must! Multiple sensors built into the mouse measure your physical stress during a game.

  • Track your stress level in real-time
  • Measure your body reactions
  • Keep track of changes and your goals


MONITOR. Follow your transformation from Dr Jekyll to Mr Hyde live! The QG software will display your individual stress data in a transparent overlay during the game.

  • On-screen display while in game (customizable location)
  • Real-time acoustic/visual feedback (such as threshold warnings)
  • If your stress data is too high, take a break


ANALYZE. Review the game on your own or with your teammates to understand when and why you are stressed. Make use of the data for efficient training and become a real gaming hero! Are you cool as a cucumber or a mental wreck when gaming?

  • Analyze peaks and identify patterns, see trends across games and over time
  • Time stamped peaks linked to snapshots for easy tracking
  • Works with 3rd party game recording software like NVIDIA ShadowPlay, Raptr, XSplit and more


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