Under förra veckan arbetade Rockstar fram en fin liten bild på hur deras hierarki-system kommer fungera i ”Social Club Crews” som är olika grupper som spelarna kan ingå i, ungefär som klaner. Dessa Social Club Crews är introducerade i både Grand Theft Auto 5 och Grand Theft Auto Online.

Ledarna av sina crew kommer kunna potionera ut vem som ska ha vilket ansvar i klubben. Det finns fyra olika grupper som ledaren får välja mellan, och dessa är Commissioner, Lieutenants, Representatives och Muscle. Läs Rockstars egna förklaringar nedan:

  • Commissioners: The Crew’s most trusted member(s) – that essential right-hand man or woman that the Leader relies on for Vice Presidential advisement and executive action. Commissioners have the power to manage and administrate all aspects of the Crew on behalf of the Leader, including the ability to promote members internally or invite new members in.
  • Lieutenants: Made members with specific privileges to keep the Crew in check and hand out promotions or demotions amongst sub-ordinate ranks. Crew Representatives and the mob of Muscle would be wise to keep their Lieutenants (and above) sweet.
  • Representatives: A tier of Crew members who have shown and proved their commitment to the clique – whether with ace performance in competitive modes, or just by rocking their Crew’s emblem faithfully since day one. Crew Leaders can assign these special players as Representatives who will have basic permissions to aid recruitment efforts.
  • Muscle: The rank-and-file mob of Crew members who are happy to play their position of causing some havoc Online, doing their Crew’s emblem justice and fighting for its good name. Muscle-level members may not have nor want any administrative power but they’re often the heart and soul of what makes your Crew fearsome. Ambitious Muscle who are looking to prove themselves to the Crew Leader and rise up the ranks may even prove a threat to their Crew superiors, if any are deemed to be slacking on their responsibilities or performance.

Vad vi vet finns det fortfarande ingen limitation på hur många medlemmar som kan vara med i en Social Club Crew, och inte heller hur många medlemmar som kan ingå i varje grupp. Men redan nu kan man besöka Rockstar Social Club för att organisera sitt crew. Snart är det ju dags, den 17:e September släpps GTA 5!