Druidz E-sport är starka just nu, året startade stort. Faktumet att dom har hela arton lag och över sju pro spelare kan dom nu även avslöja att dom har ett CS:GO pro lag.

Druidz är en plats för spelare med på olika nivåer av skicklighet från casual till pro. Vi hjälper spelare att bli bättre och uppnå sina mål, vi har alla olika mål och kommer från olika bakgrunder där vi vi alla har mål att uppnå, stora som små. Med det sagt hoppas vi att vårt nya lag hittar det dom söker som pro spelare, för oss som organisation är detta nya lag ett bra komplement till vårat redan stora gäng med talangfulla gamers.

Vi välkomnar fem nya CS:GO spelare till Druidz E-Sport, dom är nya i Druidz men har spelat Counter Strike under längre tid. Vi presenterar stolt:

Druidz CS:GO Female

Angel ”Mouse” Malihiolzakerni
Ivelina ”HellRose”
Julia ”julie” Kiran
Sonia ”Sonia” García
Therese ”lillsan” Petersson

I’m really happy to be doing this statement right now. We’ve found a home with Druidz!
Druidz has showed us that they are a strong and promising organization. We are very fortunate to have been picked as their female CS:GO team and to have them support us. I can’t even begin to think about all the things they’ve done for us and how thankful I am of them.
Lately we have been doing changes in the line-up. In the first place Lillsan got a new job and we had to replace her. Then more sad news came. aNi-, my beloved ex-teammate from Reason Gaming, announced she wanted to retire due to focus in her personal life and some other things.
She’s been the best teammate ever, and I’m really sad she’s leaving. She’s one of those people that leave a big hole behind, it’s going to be very hard for me to keep going with the team without her, a team that wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for her.
Once aNi- decided to retire, some good news finally arrived to the team, Lillsan was able to come back! After that, we just needed to search for a new 5th. And we’ve found her!

/ Sonia ”Sonia” García


I’m very happy to get the chance to play in a team like this, a team with potential. And I look very much forward to Copenhagen Games since I know that our chances of winning are very big, and winning Copenhagen Games would just be the beginning of this great team! I’m thankful for finally getting a chance like this, to play in a good team with kind girls who are also passionate about gaming and wants to win more than anything, I couldn’t ask for more!

/ Angel ”Mouse” Malihiolzakerni

Team Druidz Hemsida